When will my promotion start? 
Once you place your order, we will email you a confirmation within 24/48 hours. (Weekends may have a delay). Confirmation means we’ve forwarded your link to our team.

How much activity will I get from this?
We can’t control the ORGANIC reach, but 10M repost would get 40K – 100K plays for example. If the song is good quality, it will get more. (A lot of rappers think any song can go viral with just spending few bucks on promotion, yes that is possible but the quality of the song is important, you aren’t gonna feed people burned pasta and force them to love it).

Will I get likes, comments & followers from this?
Yes, if your song is quality, then people will do those things, but PLEASE understand we can’t control those factories as this is an ORGANIC promotion.

Are you guys legit?
Yes, all traffic comes from REPOSTS, and ONLY REPOSTS, we don’t mess around. ALL ORGANIC.

Are you guys genre based?
No, we mainly promote Hip-Hop since that’s what SoundCloud is, a hip-hop based website BUT we do promote ANY genre, our promotional system is multi-genre for everyone.

Will I get discounts once I order?
Yes, we will email you on weekly basis (2-3 emails per week) with great deals, so once you order, you’ll get access to a private form where you can save a lot of promotion.
For more questions, feel free to contact us or use the live chat.

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